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Holzkurier - Sägewerk des Jahres

Stringent Quality Criteria– For Cutting-Edge Advantages

The manufacture of our window scantlings begins here, where the suitable material grows: in the forest. Our corporate culture is based upon state-of-the-art production methods in perfect harmony with nature. The timber is felled by our affiliate, Sarner Forsttechnik, in accordance with all applicable norms and regulations. All of the logs are PEFC-certified. The timber is then transported directly and without any intermediate storage to our affiliate and/or to our Sarner Holz sawmill – this keeps the CO2 emissions to a minimum. The careful selection of the logs and their processing are based on a century of experience, and thus guarantee the uncompromising quality of our window scantlings.

The manufacture of our laminated, end-to-end or finger-jointed window scantlings is subject to the stringent and regular audits carried out by the Rosenheim IFT certification and testing inspectorate. The lamellas are dried under controlled conditions and checked for possible defects using opto-electronic sensors. The advantage of laminated, end-to-end, or finger-jointed window scantlings is the more-efficient use of the wood since this results in the utilization of a higher percentage of this valuable resource when manufacturing windows, shutters, doors, and frames – while maintaining their aesthetic appearance, resistance to deformation, and mechanical strength. We use only carefully selected and consistently resin-free and knot-free wood in manufacturing our laminated parts. This outstanding wood quality, processing technology, and the exclusive use of natural glues guarantee the high mechanical stability and durability of our products. The finger-jointed profiles offer numerous other advantages: Beginning right with the manufacture of the individual profile, all of the natural defects like knots and resin galls are cut off. These pre-processed profiles consist exclusively of high-quality wood. The glued lamellas have a mechanical strength which can even surpass that of solid wood. The IFT certification of our profiles guarantees perfect milling quality; this also ensures that they are glued under constant and controlled temperature and air humidity conditions. The extraordinary quality of our profiles is due, last but not least, to the watchful eyes of our skilled craftsmen: Throughout the production process, every individual lamella must undergo visual inspection by our experienced workers.

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